An alien planet, a lethal life-form, and a mysterious set of ruins. The year is 2512 and Nova Prime is peppered with failed colonial ventures, abandoned mining rigs, and eerie flora. Despite this, the mineral wield of the planet continues to tempt corporations and governments alike; while talk of war, poverty, and rampant social inequality in the Solar and Vervidian systems has many willing to risk everything to escape the powder keg.


A once verdant world gripped with fear, a horde of daemons, and a last ditch race for salvation. As the power of the Oracles, wise Mages who once brokered peace across the land, wanes under the assault of a supernatural mist and the foul daemons who inhabit it, unrest spreads violently as people seek shelter from the coming storm.

Only one of these worlds is real. As the barriers between fantasy and reality shatter at an alarming rate, it is up to you to gather the shards of the Quiescence, re-assemble the broken artifact, and to pick which world you belong in. Once you make your choice there is no going back.

Choose wisely.

Shattered Quiescence

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